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What Is Corrective Orthognathic Surgery?

Also known as corrective jaw surgery, patients undergo this procedure to correct a wide range of major and minor dental and skeletal irregularities.

Jaw surgery is used to correct the misalignment of a person’s jaw or teeth, which will eventually improve breathing, chewing, and speaking.

While a patient’s physical appearance may be altered facial symmetry may be improved just a bit with surgery, orthognathic surgery is mostly meant to correct functional problems.

Evaluating Your Need For Jaw Surgery

We will work with your orthodontist and general dentist to evaluate your need for jaw surgery. In many cases, patients need orthodontic work done before and after surgery.

Jaw surgery is a lengthy and delicate process. In most cases, the whole process, including orthodontic work, will last 1-2 years. We will evaluate you thoroughly and realistically so that you may make the most informed decision possible.

How will I benefit from having jaw surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery will benefit you in numerous ways. After surgery, your jaw will be more aligned and balanced, and you will have a far more functional and healthy jaw.

While recovery may be lengthy, we will keep you comfortable along the way. With jaw surgery, patients can see improvement in speech, eating, chewing and breathing. Many patients see a positive change in their facial structures as well after their jaw has been realigned.