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Expert Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, we have been helping improve patients’ smiles throughout the county with wisdom teeth removal.

Our talented and compassionate team of dental professionals will alleviate wisdom teeth pain and prevent major dental issues by removing impacted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal is a relatively minor procedure that generally only takes about 45 minutes. We understand that patients may be apprehensive about going to the dentist. But rest assured, we take great care to ensure our patients are comfortable and calm.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment in our West Chester, Kennett Square or Wayne office to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When your wisdom teeth begin to grow, it can cause several issues, including pain, swelling, and gum disease. However, not every patient is required to have their wisdom teeth removed. There’s only one way to determine if your wisdom teeth should be removed, and that’s to visit our offices.

We will take detailed x-rays of your wisdom teeth, and together decide on the right choice for you. Early removal is recommended to avoid future problems and to decrease the surgical risk involved with the procedure.

What Does “Impacted Wisdom Teeth” Mean?

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they cannot fully erupt through the gum to reach a normal position. They may grow sideways, partially emerge from the gum, and even remain trapped beneath the gum line.

Impacted teeth can take many positions in the bone as they attempt to find a pathway that will allow them to erupt successfully. When your wisdom teeth don’t fully erupt, it can cause several health issues. The most serious problem occurs when tumors or cysts form around the impacted wisdom tooth, resulting in the destruction of the jawbone and healthy teeth.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

The cost of wisdom tooth removal varies depending on if it is erupted, partially erupted, or still beneath your gums. When you schedule your initial consultation with us, the doctor will go over the removal cost with you. We make every effort to be upfront with our pricing, so you’re not surprised by any medical bill. We offer the best dental care in the area at an affordable price.

Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Hurt?

In most cases, the removal of wisdom teeth is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and laughing gas. General anesthesia will help dull the pain of having your wisdom teeth removed. Our doctor will discuss these options and the surgical risks (i.e., sensory nerve damage, sinus complications, and dry socket) with you before the procedure is performed.

Once the teeth are removed, the gum is sutured, and gauze is placed in your mouth to control bleeding. Usually, patients will experience some minor pain and discomfort during the healing process.

What Can I Eat After Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Once your procedure is complete, our doctors will provide you with some suggestions for foods to eat while you recover. We recommend food such as broths, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, anything that doesn’t require a lot of chewing to swallow. These types of foods are less likely to irritate your wound and will aid in the healing process.

How to Care for Your Mouth After Wisdom Teeth Removal

We cannot stress the importance of wisdom teeth recovery enough. Your postoperative kit will include postoperative instructions, a prescription for pain medication, and a follow-up appointment upon discharge. We recommend you avoid touching, chewing, or in any way irritating the surgical area.

Why Choose Chester County Oral Surgery

Chester County Oral Surgery & Dental Implants takes great pride in providing efficient and affordable wisdom teeth surgery services by a highly skilled team of dental professionals led by one of our qualified doctors.

When you choose our office for your wisdom teeth extraction, you can feel confident that you will be receiving the best quality care available in the area. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

Meet Our Oral Surgeons

Our surgeons are highly-trained with a passion for oral health. With years of experience and an ability to collaborate to determine the best course of action for each individual circumstance, our team is unrivaled in Chester County.

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